The ranking of K-Pop boy groups and girl groups that are loved by Japanese teens in 2022

Boy group

Girl group

Age group under 10 years old, January to March 2022

1. In Japan, the top boy groups are from HYBE, and the top girl groups are from JYP

2. Aren’t JO1 and NiziU Japanese groups?… I thought they were Japanese groups with Korean style, but are they grouping them with K-pop??

3. SNSD is daebakㄷㄷ

4. Wow, BLACKPINK is not active in Japan, but they are so popular

5. They’re under 10 years old but they know BIGBANG??

6. For male idols it’s HYBE, for female idols it’s JYPㅋㅋㅋㅋ It’s funny that there are JO1 and NiziU here.. They sing in Japanese

7. It’s like BTS isn’t a K-Pop group in Japan, they’re like Japanese singers

8. I’m surprised that there’s no TVXQ and Red Velvet

9. But is NiziU a K-pop group?… TWICE should have been #1

10. Seeing this, I can see why Lee Soo Man can’t give up on his Chinese dream

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