The debut songs of these two idol groups are the best that no one can deny

Miss A “Bad Girl, Good Girl”

2NE1 “Fire”

1. I agree

2. I agree!!! Miss A’s song is addictive and passionate, 2NE1’s song is shocking~ Both are so good

3. I can’t deny this

4. “Bad Girl, Good Girl” got a Daesang, and “Fire” revolutionized the concept of female idols

5. As soon as I listened to “Fire”, I was shocked and searched for 2NE1

6. I totally agree, especially “Fire” is no joke

7. I’ve never listened to a girl group song like this before 2NE1

8. I can’t forget the first day I saw Suzy’s face

9. I still remember 2NE1’s first stage outfitsㅋㅋ I think Sandara has palm hair and yellow pants

10. TVXQ – Hug / SNSD – Into The New World

11. Isn’t it TVXQ’s Hug…? I think it’s the best male idol debut song

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