Pre-orders for Aespa’s 2nd mini album ‘Girls’ exceed 1 million copies

According to SM on June 9, Aespa’s 2nd mini album ‘Girls’ has surpassed 1 million pre-orders

They are just the second K-Pop girl group to reach 1 million copies during pre-sales, joining BLACKPINK

1. Wow, isn’t this the level of a top boy group? Crazy

2. Well, I hope all of Aespa’s new songs are good. The female idols seem to be doing so well

3. 1 million pre-orders… Their fandom is getting bigger and bigger

4. Is Aespa popular in China?? Is it due to the Chinese fans?

5. After all, this is why SM can’t lose China

6. Aespa seems to be so popular overseas, they are trending these days

7. They have a Chinese member and they are so popular in China, the most popular member of Aespa in China is Karina

8. I really hate mentioning BLACKPINK when talking about Aespa.. Can’t we just congratulate them??

9. There’s a reason why they keep debuting Chinese members

10. Wow, Aespa is awesome, I’m looking forward to their first week sales

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