Netizens are divided over fromis_9’s encore stage on Show Champion

Encore stage on Show Champion today


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1. Park Ji Won did well

2. Are they doing better than TWICE?

3. The song has a lot of high notes, but they did well, right?

4. Park Ji Won and Song Ha Young did well

5. I was shocked when I watched their encore stage yesterday, but they did well today

6. Oh my gosh… It’s like my friends are singing at the karaoke room

7. Well, I bet they always lip sync on stage. The difference between the encore and the main stage is huge. You know, they can’t sing..

8. It’s much better than the encore stages of Kang Daniel, TWICE, TXT, and ENHYPENㅋㅋㅋ

9. Most of the idols aren’t even on the level of ordinary people

10. There are 9 members but only 3 members can sing

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