ITZY Yuna and Enhypen’s Jay embroiled in dating rumors after new alleged “lovestagram” pictures

Article: “Hul, are Itzy Yuna and Enhypen’s Jay dating?”

Source: Pann

They day before yesterday, Yuna posted this.

And this is what Jay posted yesterday.

The burgers and drinks are exactly the same…didn’t she learn anything after Ryujin and Haechan’s rumors broke out?

  1. [+182, -2] Yes, strange

    “I went there with an elementary school friend who I’ve known for 11 years..” “She just got accepted to university..” “We went there to congratulate her tsk tsk..”

  2. [+155, -2] It’s because of b*tches like you that Yuna posted this picture this morning without saying anything..
  3. [+153, -11] Stop mentioning Haechan already f*ck. Is Haechan is your neighborhood drum??!
  4. [+89, -1] Jay is doing a V live right now and he’s been talking about those burgers for 30 minutes now. He said he went there with his dad, take this down now you b*tch!
  5. [+39, -0] F*ck off 
  6. [+32, -0] These are the kids that think because they’re at the same place they’re dating. Their one track brains are more one-dimensional than an animals’..
  7. [+31, -1] Yuna went there with her friend of 11 years. Compare her picture to Jay’s and the person across is dressed differently. And most importantly, the number of sesame seeds on hamburger bun is also different [See Yuna’s hamburger pic above].
  8. [+28, -31] Why did Yuna even address this?
  9. [+22, -0] You fool. The number of sesame seeds on the hamburger is different!
  10. [+21, -0] Whoever this is has enough talent to compose lyrics…
  11. [+18, -0] Lee-noo went there too, stop weaving tales! A lot of idols frequent thereㅋㅋ
  12. [+15, -27] ㅋㅋㅋ애Guys, think it through a bit first, would Yuna date someone like him? 

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